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End of the Chapter

    We sadly announce that we are closing our physical location for Astonishing Comics and Games. We will be moving the business in the direction of an online presence, and attending comic conventions across the Midwest for the time being. This decision did not come lightly, but I personally wish to pursue my previous career more aggressively, and also return to school to become an instructor myself. Logistically speaking, this is impossible to accomplish while maintaining a small business as a sole owner. I have been personally in awe at the amount of support from the community we built together. This is not the end of Astonishing Comics and Games, but just the closing of this chapter. 
    I would like to personally apologize to any customers that felt broadsided by the store closing. That was never my intention, but due to legal matters, I was informed to not announce anything publicly. I did my best to notify customers as they visited the store over the last few weeks of us being open, but I was unable to notify all of our customers. Once again, I apologize to anyone who feels slighted by the lack of communication about our closing the store. 
    I know this has left some customers wondering where to go to continue to take part in the various things we offered at Astonishing Comics and Games. For those that don’t know, we tried our best to make a smooth transition to other stores for various gaming events that we hosted; Rockin Roosters, Arkham House Games, Epic Loot, and Gameswap. Likewise on the comic side of things, we suggested stores that shared similar practices to our own, including offering Pull List for New Comics; once again Rockin Roosters, and Nostalgia Ink.
    I personally know the Owners, or have taken the opinions of trusted individuals. We worked hard to build the community we had at Astonishing, and more credit goes to the customers than to me. I simply offered a venue, with a relaxed atmosphere, and positivity. So when I say that I trust these named stores to handle our community in the same manner that we did at Astonishing, you can believe it. I personally will be visiting all these stores myself to participate in various gaming events, and pick up my own pull lists. I’ll see all of you around. 
    Now sadly, not everyone in our local community is positive. There are some that would spread negativity with a smile, and play the victim. I implore everyone to form their own opinions, but also be aware, that not every store in Cincinnati carries themselves in the same manner as we all did at Astonishing. Those individuals will be weeded out in the years to come.
    As I said before, I will be around in the community as I was before opening Astonishing Comics and Games. This is not the end, so stay tuned for the future of Astonishing Comics and Games. 


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