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Justice League Gods and Monsters Batman #1

I regretfully admit, when I first heard of the alternate universe Vampire Batman that's not even Bruce Wayne, the elitist Batman Fan inside said, "No thanks." Then I realized Bruce Timm was on writing duties, "I'll give it a try." Now I regret that I ever had ill thoughts even of this comic. It was just that amazing. 


The cover alone is jarring in that it gives you that feeling 'this is NOT Batman.' No this just isn't Bruce Wayne. The premise is that Kirk Langstorm (Man-Bat in Main Universe), cured himself of cancer by changing his genetic makeup to that of a vampire. He needs to feed, but only feeds on the criminals in Gotham, including the crime families. 

The book plays with an old concept of Batman, who's really the monster? Since the debates of old with the release of Dark Knight Returns by Miller, this has been a topic of conversation. Is it Batman that fuels the monsters because he's the biggest monster of all, or is he really the dark hero he believes himself to be. Langstorm's Batman believes the opposite of Bruce Wayne, he is the monster. His inner turmoil with dealing with what he's become versus doing what he believes to be the right thing to do, is often greyed. This is made clear when he wrestles with not feeding, but has no problem changing direction and feeding when he feels someone has done harm to an innocent. 

There are homages to the original mythos of Batman with Joe Chill and the Crime Families, little easter eggs as you will. Over all, this book is an amazing read, and served it's purpose. It has completely amped up this Batman Fan for the release of Justice League Gods and Monsters. Now I can't wait to read Justice League Gods and Monsters Superman #1 this week!

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