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Journey to Star Wars Force Awakens #1-3

Star Wars Force Awakens is right around the corner. To gear up for it, Marvel has released Journey to Star Wars Force Awakens; Shattered Empires. We're up to issue #3 so far, and with that release under our belt, it's time for a review of the series thus far. 

In issue #1, we pick up right where we left off at the end of Return of the Jedi. We follow a Lt Bey, who was apart of the Rebel Squadrons that took down the Death Star. Iconic characters make appearances, Han Solo and Princess Leia so far. The story jumps off with the premise that the War is not over, which seems to be in line with the first trailers we've seen from Star Wars Force Awakens. 

Emperor Palpatine is still giving commands from beyond grave to the Imperial Army, which could suggest a multitude of things. From the obvious, that he is really dead and has left instructions and messages for further actions to be carried out, to fan theories that pertain to him being as powerful as Obi-Wan and able to communicate from beyond. A certain character is teased for a re-appearance in the near future as well on the planet Naboo. From these scenes in issue #3, you could surmise a couple of different theories, one simply is that Leia is more in tune with the Force than she is currently aware, to there may be reincarnation or cloning going on in the near future for key characters that we previously thought were dead. 

Overall, Shatter Empires is a fantastic read by itself. It puts the action before the drama, which we are missing so much these days from various media. I hate reading a comic that has 25 pages of social drama, and then two pages of actual action. The characters introduced for the series thus far are well developed, and portray people who have been caught up in war for too long. We highly recommend picking up this series if you're not already! 

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