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Robin Rises Alpha #1

Damian Wayne, either you love him or hate him. Since his creation/brought forward from the 80's, depending on how you look at it. Grant Morrison created the Damian Wayne we know today. Back in February of 2013, Damian Wayne met his end at the hands of Heretic, an adult clone of himself. His and Talia's body were stolen shortly after by Ra's with the intent to make an army of Damian's. 


For roughly the last year now, Batman has traveled down a path to recovering his son's body, and toying with the idea of attempting to bring Damian back to life along the way. We see Batman team up with various characters along the way, which transformed the Batman & Robin title into various incarnations to match the current character Batman was teamed up with. Hence Batman & Aquamana, and Batman & Wonder Woman. 

The titular event Robin Rises kicked off earlier this year with Robin Rises Omega. Last Wednesday, it finished with Robin Rises Alpha. Tomasi writes a beautiful story of a father's struggle to save his son. The fact that this is also Batman and Robin seems to be a backdrop. Over the course of the arc, Tomasi has explored in full, a father's will to protect their child, and also Batman's capabilities when he refuses to give up. 

Robin Rises Alpha shows the conclusion to the arc, but graciously gives us more questions that will have to be answered in future issues of Batman & Robin. Robin's return home has been anticipated highly by many fans, and the touching moments between Damian, Bruce, Pennyworth, and the 'other' robins were beautifully handled. Kubert's artwork and Glapion's inking does the story justice with the shifting of color palette's used from reds to blues.  

Damian is back and he has a long road ahead of him, but at least he's back with Batman. There's one more person back though, and this is part of the questions needs answering. No more spoilers from me though. Just make sure you pick this series up!

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