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Birthright #1

Birthright is an amazing comic that goes from a crime suspense to suspenseful fantasy by the end. This comic sold out quickly with first printings, and is currently on it's second printing, which is why we're just now posting a review of it. We did not get to read through it on the first print. The artwork stands up to Image Comics standards, and Creators Joshua Williamson (Nailbiter) and Andrei Bressan (Green Lantern New Guardians and Batman) have created such a setup for this story in one issue that takes Marvel and DC five or six issues to achieve. 


Birthright opens with a father and son playing ball in the park, evidently it's the son's birthday as the mom calls from home whom is setting up said birthday party. As the Father, Aaron, is speaking with the mother, he tosses the ball towards the woods, and the son, Mikey, goes after it. This leads into Mikey disappearing in the woods, and the family to believing he's been kidnapped. 

What transpires over the next few pages, are beautifully handled, and show the stress and turmoil a family goes through from various stages during having a missing child. The family goes from desperately searching for the child, and assisting the police in any way they can, to the event itself destroying the dynamic of the family altogether. It even plays on the the statistic that 9/10 the father of said situations catches most of the blame whether or not he actually had something to do with it. 

We go forward in time one year through this events, the family is completely broken, and Mikey has still not been found. One of the investigators comes to retrieve Aaron and the other son, Brennan. There is history between Aaron and the Investigator that has been built over the last year, this is the same Investigator whom accused Aaron of having something to do with Mikey's disappearance. They are taken to the FBI building where they are informed they have a lead in Mikey's case. 

They are shown a man in an interrogation room, who looks like a more disheveled version of Aaron. This man tells his story of how he was taken from the woods to a land called Terranos. A large ogre looking creature tells him he is the 'chosen one,' and that he must help them defeat the God King Lore. The family in disbelief thinks this is a sick joke, but Aaron recognizes his son.

At this point in the comic, we were starting to feel like we had heard this store all too many times. A kid whisked away to a magical land to beat some unfathomable creature, comes back a grown man to a world he doesn't recognize anymore. Then the last two pages successfully stomped that feeling into the ground.  The store told to the interrogator is all a ruse, as the grown man is Mikey, and he's been possessed by the God Kind Lore. Lore wants Mikey to help him destroy everything on Earth, and in return will help him burn his parents house to the ground. Mikey was defeated in his battle in Terranos by Lore.

By the end, we were left with so many questions, that we will not be able to help ourselves in reading Issue #2. This comic beautifully used the innocence of child hood in some of the artwork, and there's a great 'map' of Terranos in the back of the comic that was done in crayon. Birthright has used many elements to tell this story, and all of it meshed together has taken the 'chosen one' concept, and made the 'chosen one' beatable. No one in this comic is the hero.  

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