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Heroclix Wildcard

This week's build is four hundred points semi-constructed. Each player will bring 400 points of anything they want to play. Relics, resources, and colossals will be permitted, no vehicles or team bases. You can break Modern for this event. Each player will then purchase any ONE gravity feed that is in stock (except War of Light Constructs). Choose the set carefully, because the one gravity feed your purchase, MUST go on to your team. You will drop a clix from your team to accommodate the gravity feed clix. The gravity feed clix IS your Wildcard clix. At the start of each turn, you will roll a die to determine which trait gets a +2. Rolls of "1" will be for speed, "2" for attack, "3" for defense, "4" for damage, "5" for range, and "6" you choose. This effect will last until the beginning of your next turn.  

Later Event: March 27
Friday Night Magic

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